Collective Bargaining Agreement In The Philippines

3.Is is the ratification of KBA by the majority of workers in the bargaining unit mandatory? The CBA`s application for certification must be filed with the regional office that issued the registration or establishment certificate of a registered resident of the union party. In particular, a CBA is a contract that is executed taking into account agreements reached as a result of negotiations with the employer and the workers` exclusive representative regarding wages, hours or work and any other conditions of employment. As such, a KBA contains economic and non-economic provisions. Economic provisions include the monetary value of wage increases, loan benefits, bonuses, allowances, retirement plans and other ancillary benefits. On the other hand, non-economic clauses contain trade union security clauses, appeal procedures, labour management cooperation systems and other provisions without monetary value. This seminar workshop will also provide participants with key elements of the collective agreement (CBA), from preparation to negotiation, to their management, key issues proposed. Begins with identifying your negotiating style and ceilings with a role-playing game in which participants alternately act as management negotiators and union negotiators. It is recommended a composition of the management panel and the respective roles for each member. c) A declaration that the collective agreement has been ratified by the majority of workers in the employer`s bargaining unit. This seminar aims to provide participants with the constitutional framework and legal basis for collective bargaining. Participants learn about the complex process of preparing, collecting data and information for decision-making, quantifying the economic package, formulating an emergency plan in the event of a strike or work stoppage, and implementing the agreement. In addition, the seminar presents innovations in negotiating techniques and strategies and offers new perspectives on rules and practices.

Yes, yes. The agreement negotiated by the workers` negotiating partner should be ratified or approved by the majority of workers in the bargaining unit. 4.Is an exception to the requirement for compulsory ratification by the majority of workers in the bargaining unit? The agreement was signed by PAL administrative officer Vivienne K.