Model Physician Employment Agreement

Understand the compensation model. There are two types of compensation models that a contract can have: regardless of the good and cordial discussion of your employment contract, you should insist on obtaining in writing all the terms of your employment or your practical affiliation. This greatly reduces the potential for errors and misunderstandings. Compensation and employment contracts can be difficult to understand. Whether it`s finding a job in a group practice, a hospital, a university medical center or some other environment, a doctor needs to understand employment contracts in order to discuss options. An experienced health care lawyer in the state where you want to work can help you identify and resolve problematic contractual arrangements before they become a problem. Your Crown medical society may be able to provide a referral for a trusted lawyer near you. You can also find a doctor-mentor who has gone through this process. Your perspective can help you avoid frequent pitfalls. Remembering a few basics can help you know if you are a new doctor or an experienced doctor. In addition, the provisions of the ACO and home medicine and the cost-cutting methods implemented nationally by the Massachusetts Health Care Cost Containment Law Containment Law (Chapter 224) are likely to pose new challenges and opportunities for physicians and employed employers. You should understand and become familiar with compensation. If not, ask someone to go through digital examples.

Before accepting an employment contract, you must be familiar with the median salary of a doctor in your specialty on this geographic site. If you don`t know what your skills are worth in the local market, you won`t know if the compensation offered by the practice or the employer is fair. In this dynamic and evolving context, physicians need clarity in understanding their legal rights and obligations as employees or employers. While these manuals are not a substitute for legal advice provided by qualified health advisors who have experience representing physician clients, they provide an in-depth description of the basic terms of the contract, which are generally included in employment contracts. They also explain the importance of the provisions and language that benefit the physician-collaborator. You can use these resources to find examples of language that may be problematic for the physician`s employee. It is structured as a guide on the various themes and reflections that concern the use of doctors in these environments and is presented in two parts with preliminary comments on specific topics and real contractual language. PHS provides confidential advice and support to physicians, residents and medical students related to concerns: alcoholism, substance abuse, behavioural or mental health problems, and physical illnesses. Given the high number of physicians who opt for paid employment, either on their first entry into practice or during changes in the average career, the process of understanding and negotiating working conditions becomes even more important. In addition, many physicians have been associated with this type of facility in their group practices or in the employment environments of the hospital/health system, with the concept of “medical home”, which has been effectively codified in the Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) program prescribed by the Confederation or adapted to ACO models created by private insurers. Benefits can significantly increase your base pay and the content you have in your new position. Knowing what benefits are included in your earnings is an important step in understanding your employment contract.

Examples of benefits include the payment of your royalties and contributions to professional companies, leave, continuing education financing, civil liability, disability insurance and student loan payments.