Sample Agreement For Child Support Philippines

My ex and I separated after he knew I was pregnant, he never had the chance to sign on the birth certificate of my child, it is possible to ask for child help with my case?my daughter is now 21 months and he has barely seen give his child still financial support, even if I money for medical reasons he does not give help for my child. Hello, in a single mother with a 3-year-old son, as I read here the other articles that asked her for possible help for the children you mentioned about the need to establish first the relationship of the father with the child, if he did not sign on the birth certificate, my question is, how can I submit the affidavit of the models? Do we need DNA tests to prove the model, and if he refuses to take the test? In case he agreed to support the bt child on the condition that I change my son`s name in his name and refuse to ask him for further financial assistance? Please enlighten me, thank you hello. I am in the Philippines and mother of a beautiful boy. The father of my son stop sending money since he is an ofw located at dubai, uae. We are not legally married, but my son bribed his father`s name. For nearly three months, he refused to financially support his child. Then I found out that he brought his girlfriend to his home, because the Arab country forbids this kind of case without legal papers. What am I going to do to get him to support our only child, even if he is degrading the country? My ex is Korean. we didn`t get married, but we have a 7-year-old son here in Philippines na naka sunod po his name ng ex ko. before nag bibigay naman po ang ex ko ng paminsan minsang suporta gaya ng pag malapit na pasko.. Birthday ng anak namin or pag mag papasukan na his school. Kahit iregular ang suporta nya at minsang nakikituloy sa bahay ng parents pag nag babakasyon sya at nabisita sa anak namin tinatanggap ko nalang.. its kabila ng mga pang aabuso nya sakin nung kasalukuyang nag bubuntis pako at nag sasama pa kami pinatawad ko sya at nag kasundo kami na mag susuporta sya sa anak namin.

pero halos isang taon napo hindi na sya nag susuporta ni singkong duling.. hindi po stable ang trabaho at di sumasapat ang kinikita ko.. lalu na pag nag kakasakit ang anak namin pati narin ako my pag biglang inaatake ng paninikip ng pag hinga ni hindi manlang ako makapag pacheckup kasi wala ako budget para dito..