Basic Agreement Postfinance

Although this argument is often used when exchanging goods, the return of goods is not regulated by law. A purchase is a contractual agreement between two parties, from which they cannot simply resign as they please. The buyer has the right to exchange the purchased goods only in exceptional cases. A legal warranty applies, for example, when the goods are defective or if the buyer has been deliberately deceived. If you decide to offer a guarantee to your customers, this is a service with no legal basis. However, many merchants communicate forcefully about receipts and in stores that they fully refund the value of the merchandise within a certain time frame – if you choose to do so, customers can hook you on it. For new clients, the documents are mandatory for the basic agreement, the range of services and the self-certification of the tax domicile. The basic agreement must be signed by one or more persons who, for statutory reasons, have the right to represent the association externally. It is often the president, the treasurer or a member of the management. The identification is carried out on the basis of the statutes and electoral documents currently in force in which the current board of directors is located. The statutes are presented in writing and informed of the purpose of the association, its financial means and its organizational structure. One copy is sufficient. All persons who sign the basic agreement are also personally identified (passport, identity card, Swiss driving licence or residence permit for foreigners).

PostFinance AG is a business partner of Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG and sells foreign currency to each other (delivery of banknotes in foreign currency plus CHF). PostFinance changes – in agreement with Swiss Bankers – the shipping costs on 1 January 2021. The remaining price positions remain unchanged. We confirm the information about the PostFinance registrant and notify you in a timely manner. Once this step is completed, we can continue with a meeting (virtual meeting is possible) to create an agreement. . The association`s account forms the basis of your association`s payments. The most efficient way to manage the account is electronically in e-finance. . For private and savings accounts in Swiss francs and euros with assets of at least CHF 250,000 (or counter-calculated in euros), PostFinance charges a client asset fee of 0.75 per cent on additional assets.

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