Ceta Agreement Cheese

3.3.1. The year of award of the CETA Industrial TRQ shall run from 1 January to 31 December inclusive. In fact, DPAC estimates that European duty-free cheese imports will result in an annual loss of revenue of approximately $US 150 million for Canadian cheese processors. Two small import quota holders, a retailer and a cheese maker, said they struggled to use their quota profitably. Both were preparing to transfer it to a distributor. 3.1.1. In accordance with its obligations under CETA, Canada has a customs office for the import of industrial cheese from an EU country or other CETA beneficiaries. This Communication to Importers sets out the policies and practices relating to the management of ceta industrial cheese trQ, including allocation, under-use, refund and transfer guidelines. This communication also explains how import authorisations are requested. Small quotas for 2017 were greased, but more than eight months after 2018, only 36% of the high-quality cheese quota was used.

EU imports under quotas set before CETA are on track for the year, indicating that the new quotas, distributed differently, limit imports. Many of the old quotas are held by specialist importers, largely excluded from the new system. 5.2. Allocation shall be made on the basis of market shares. Eligible applicants will receive an allocation proportional to their respective market shares in relation to the total market share of industrial cheese calculated under CETA. Further disruptions are expected as UK cheese exporters prepare for a no-deal Brexit. Simon O`Brien, marketing director of British cheese maker Barber`s 1833, was pleased that the company`s importer finally has access to the Canadian market through CETA. Their first delivery of Wookey Hole Cave-Aged Farmhouse Cheddar arrived on the shelves of Loblaws on October 4. As the Brexit deadline quickly approaches October 31, however, he fears that access will be short-lived.

He expressed hope that Britain and Canada would be able to conclude their own agreement, an agreement with access to the dairy market. But there is a demand for fine cheese that is typically very strong at the end of the year, just before Christmas, he said. Imports coincide with lower production levels in Canada as farmers enter their slow season. Apart from the fact that the major obstacles in trade negotiations are behind us, the benefits of CETA are expected to seep in. Nevertheless, it would not be wise to postpone pizza night while waiting for cheap European cheese. There`s always Costco. Despite the PMO`s cheers, the most politically sensitive element of CETA has not been completed. The EU insists that all trade agreements contain the Strategic Partnership Agreement. Spa includes commitments to peace and security, the protection of human rights and sustainable development that were not included in any of our trade agreements with other countries. While the European Parliament approved the agreement more than 2.5 years ago, it has only been ratified by half of the European member states. The challenge for the Harper government is both to sell the benefits of the deal without waiting too long and to provoke a backlash, including potential delays due to the negotiation of a little-discussed secondary agreement, called the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA). .

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