Collective Agreement Znaczenie

Negotiations began with the establishment of the collective agreement in November 2002. According to the collective agreement, 2l should be paid. Secondly, why can the extension of working hours only be regulated by a collective agreement? Negotiations on the third collective agreement began on December 17, 2007. Second, if the collective agreement were diversified, it would have no impact on personal contracts. Collective or individual agreements may also take into account paid maternity leave. However, these services do not involve the provision of membership conditions established under the collective agreement. Workers have to wait for the old collective agreement to let go before stinging. People who write these kinds of things do not have a system of collective consciousness. From 1959 to 1970, no collective agreement was signed without the support of the federal government`s mediation committees. Between 1976 and 1987, there were seven collective agreements. The collective school contract included the guarantee of compulsory pension at the age of 65. This can be done by the fact that collective agreements and cooperation between the social partners play a more important role. This requires, in particular, compliance with a number of collective agreements.

The first collective agreement (1975-1977) reduced 444 wage categories from three categories. The proportion of workers in each sector covered by collective agreements is similar. Such actions should also ensure compliance with collective agreements. In addition, its collective agreements concern the states of one million Swiss workers. So people had to withdraw individually, not according to the collective agreement. .