The Four Agreements Prayer For Love

I haven`t read the book yet. But this prayer touched a nerve. Thank you. :)) You can change the story of your life at any time. You are the artist, and your art is your life. Today is the most beautiful day of your life, the day you agree with a new relationship with life. This is the moment when you return to love by deciding to live in communion with our Creator, and this is heaven. Thank you for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share your love, wherever I am. I love you as you are, and because I am your creation, I love myself as I am. Help me to keep love and peace in my heart and make this love a new way of life, so that I can live the rest of my life in love. Amen. Words and prayers are powerful chords, and you need to see what you use every day: “Lord, I am guilty, I should be punished for my sins.” What is this prayer? If you think you`re guilty and deserve to be punished, you ask for it! I will respect all creation as a symbol of my love, in communion with the one who created me for the eternal happiness of humanity.”The Ring of Fire is enough for you to go to heaven and stay there.

But first, you have to take the deal, live the deal and make it your own. A prayer takes no more than a minute, but you need discipline to do it. Say the prayer first in the morning, when you open your eyes; Say it before you go to sleep. Dream of prayer. Feel prayer with your emotional body. Thank you for having the opportunity to experience this beautiful body and wonderful mind. It is a process of unlearning lies. It is a period of purification, and it has nothing to do with the dream of society.

How can we change society`s dream if we can`t even clean up the lies of our own dream? Today, the day of the Lord, when divinity returns to me, when I live my agency, and with all the strength of my Spirit, I decide to live my life in free communion with God without expectation. I spent the whole day listening to the book for the second time. .